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Supreme Plastic Piping System

Plastics Piping Division

Supreme is the renowned leader of India’s plastic industry having valuable experience in providing innovative and cost-effective piping solution. The company’s objective is to meet the growing needs of its clientele in water, waste management and infrastructure sector through specially developed high performance range of piping products. Supreme’s wide range of piping products caters to almost every application segment. Each product has been custom-designed to match the specific needs of a specific application, which makes it practically sound.
Meeting the highest quality standard
Supreme is at the forefront of continuous quality improvement and is known for continuously seeking to reduce adverse environmental impacts. Systematic quality planning in the development of processes and products, quality assurance in the selection and procurement of raw materials, use of latest testing equipments and comprehensive quality control in production, processes etc. ensures consistently superior quality and makes them highly dependable. Supreme is deeply committed to excellence in product design and development, processing etc. with the purpose of offering world class products.


♦Among India’s leading brands, Supreme's Material Handling & Storage Products are one of the company’s promising product range.
♦Material Handling & Storage Products range is extremely comprehensive, from small bins to Super Jumbo Crates, Injection moulded and Roto moulded Pallets, Injection moulded and Roto moulded Garbage bins.
♦Supreme's Material Handling & Storage Products are manufactured using computer designed molds at company's six technologically advanced plants across India.
♦The Plants locational diversity also helps in easier access for Supreme’s customers countrywide.
♦Lightweight yet highly durable, food grade, weatherproof and UV resistant, Supreme's Material Handling & Storage Products are suitable for versatile applications.